About Us

Not everyone can grow their own food, but fresh, farm-to-fork eating is possible with Simple Beginnings. 

Good Eating Made Simple

Simple Beginnings does not use Romaine Lettuce.

In the past two years, the produce industry has been affected by several Romaine Lettuce incidents that have greatly diminished consumer confidence in Romaine.

Simple Beginnings discontinued the use of Romaine in April, 2019.  Every ingredient panel has been reprinted without Romaine as a component.

To be perfectly clear, we will print “Does Not Contain Romaine” on all blends that previously contained Romaine: Spring Mix and 50/50.


We’re on a mission to make good eating simple for all. That’s why we deliver triple washed salads so you can create tasty delicious meals in a snap. Our cooking greens and cut squash are also washed and ready-to-cook.

Simple Products for a Healthier Life

Not sure where to start? In need of some fresh ideas? Check out our Simple Stream for new recipes and cooking videos updated regularly.

Our Own Beginnings

Delivering wholesome fresh produce is what we know and do. We are proud of our reputation as a brand with the highest quality standards for the food we grow and harvest. Our processing facility is SQF Level 3 Certified and we proudly support the American farmer. Our produce is grown and harvested in the best conditions throughout the calendar year – from coast to coast.