Food Safety

Simple Beginnings does not use Romaine Lettuce.

In the past two years, the produce industry has been affected by several Romaine Lettuce incidents that have greatly diminished consumer confidence in Romaine.

Simple Beginnings discontinued the use of Romaine in April, 2019.  Every ingredient panel has been reprinted without Romaine as a component.

To be perfectly clear, we will print “Does Not Contain Romaine” on all blends that previously contained Romaine: Spring Mix and 50/50.


Simple Beginnings is about making wholesome eating simple. And that means selling produce that comes worry-and-fuss-free. In order to deliver on this promise, we adhere to a strict food safety and quality assurance program.

We impose the highest standards for quality, safety and sanitation at every step, from growing to processing, to packing and shipping our products. We’re committed to providing safe, fresh, high quality produce to our consumers and we strive to consistently and reliably meet or exceed your expectations with every purchase. 

At Simple Beginnings, we know that safe, fresh and wholesome produce begins in the field

When you purchase Simple Beginnings leafy greens, you’re buying produce grown by select, qualified, American farmers. Our leafy greens have been pre-screened and tested before they enter our facility. Here are the steps we take to ensure the quality and safety of our produce prior to leaving the farm.


The goal of our raw product supplier qualification is to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of the food to be grown and harvested for Simple Beginnings. This program is designed to limit any potential physical, chemical or biological hazards inherent in the growing, harvesting and post-harvest handling of raw materials. Prevention rather than corrective action is the key to the success of this program.

Field Testing

The purpose of our “Test, Hold, and Release” program is to pre-screen leafy greens for microbiological hazards and prevent their introduction into our processing facility. We have certified, independent, third party laboratories conduct testing on every lot of raw leafy greens for microbial pathogens prior to their receipt at our facility. Negative pathogen results must be confirmed before each lot is released to receiving.

Delivering produce from our fields to your fork is a detailed, comprehensive process

Our products are closely monitored during transport, inspected upon receipt, washed, dried and inspected again – all before they are packaged and deemed ready to hit the stores. Here are the steps we take to make sure you’re getting the safest, high-quality produce when you buy Simple Beginnings products. 


Transporters of inbound produce are required to abide by and sign a Transportation Affidavit. The Transportation Affidavit ensures that transportation providers understand and adhere to Simple Beginnings’ requirements for food safety and vehicle integrity (i.e. refrigeration, cleanliness, ideal loading schemes, safety and security). Refrigerated carriers are equipped with temperature recording devices, which continuously monitor and record the temperature of the product being shipped. All loads are sealed by food handling professionals at shipping point and unsealed by our Quality Assurance Receiving Team upon delivery.


Upon receipt, our Quality Assurance technicians inspect every pallet of bulk raw material for quality, condition, temperature and potential food safety hazards. Any product that does not meet our strict standards is either diverted to animal feed or destroyed.


Our leafy greens processing facility is a state-of-the-art facility designed to incorporate the latest technologies (e.g. optical sorters and enhanced wash systems) with the highest standards for food safety in the produce industry. We have an ongoing commitment to environmental sampling and bioluminescent testing. 

Finished Product

Finished products are packed fresh daily to fill orders for our customers (food markets).  All finished product storage areas must maintain an intact cold chain. Access to storage areas is limited to authorized personnel and all doors are secured unless in use. All storage areas and access points are monitored with surveillance equipment for safety and security purposes. All finished products are labeled and tracked through the storage and shipping processes.

Finished Goods Test Hold and Release

Our leafy greens finished goods “Test, Hold and Release” protocol operates in the same fashion as our raw product “Test, Hold and Release” program. Finished leafy greens cannot leave our finished product storage areas to be shipped to local food markets until our Quality Assurance technicians receive and enter negative test results.