Tender Leaf Salads

Simple Beginnings tender leaf salads make eating healthy simple, convenient and delicious. Triple washed and ready to enjoy when you are, our salads are flavorful enough to be eaten alone or enjoyed with your favorite additions. 

Power Greens

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Packed with a punch, this power mix is loaded with spinach and kale. Adding robust flavor and nutrition to every dish.
Available in a 5oz package.

Spring Mix

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Assorted baby lettuces, bold chicories and flavorful greens, blended into a delicious mix of color, texture and taste. Conveniently available in 5oz and 11oz packages.

Baby Spinach

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Mild flavor and pleasing texture, this versatile green is delicious and nutritious. Conveniently available in 5oz and 11oz packages.

Baby Kale

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Tender baby leaves packed with a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Add to salads, smoothies, soups and more. Conveniently available in a 5oz package.

Baby Arugula

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Bold and mildly peppery. Delicious as a salad or added to a favorite recipe. Conveniently available in 5oz and 11oz packages.

50/50 Blend

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A delicious blend of two favorites - Spring Mix and Baby Spinach – a perfect match for a perfect salad. Conveniently available in 5oz and 11oz packages.